Barbara is gifted in her ability to help you look within yourself to identify your personal strengths so you can be the best you can be.
– JS, Development Director, Non-Profit

Barbara worked with me in a coaching capacity when I felt I needed some direction. Barbara was so insightful and so great with helping me recognize my goals and gave me steps to achieving them. Barbara’s coaching gave me direction and tools to move forward. Barbara is an excellent coach with great understanding, patience and knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
– SHF, Manager, Customer Support at

Barbara is the type of colleague who is always willing to go the extra mile. She takes her work seriously, and her follow through is exceptional. Her strong suit is paying attention to the details. Working with committees and individuals, this is by far one of the most important elements of her work. Creativity and problem solving is also one of Barbara’s strengths. She can turn a difficult and potentially negative experience into one that is a win-win for her client and her employer. This bodes extremely will for strengthening long-term relationship, an attribute which has served Barbara well through the years. Barbara thrives on new challenges and is always up to taking on new responsibilities with a kind word and a smile on her face.
– JM, Executive Director, Non-Profit Foundation

Barbara began a coaching relationship with me when I was extremely fragile, my health was not good to the point of possibly needing a hospitalization, and my work was consuming my life.  Over the past several months, as I have worked with Barbara, I have been able to regain my health, have begun to find some balance in my personal life, and have also made a commitment to begin to deal with my workaholic issues. I highly recommend Barbara as a coach and I plan to continue my relationship with her as we work to develop tools to deal with these issues that will last a lifetime.
– KH

I have achieved great success through my coaching sessions with Barbara.  She is patient and caring and brings critical issues to the forefront in a thoughtful manner. Barbara also keeps me on track throughout our sessions, which has been key to my success. I also appreciate the use of new tools and assessments, such as the EQ in Action Profile (Emotional Intelligence). The Emotional Intelligence Profile and coaching has been very helpful both in my business and personal life.
– AJ, CEO Rockler

Barbara is a fantastic resource. Her skills shine in organizing, relating, developing, listening and bridging between client and organizational needs. Whether she is working with someone one-to-one, facilitating a leadership group or leading a large and loosely defined project, Barbara’s people and business skills are readily apparent. From the moment you meet her you realize that she is highly capable and brings a sense of confidence that any project or challenge she takes on will exceed expectations.
– Pete Berridge, Owner, Shorebird Coaching and Consulting (colleague)

Barbara has been my client for over 20 years and is a terrific person, friend, business operator and business coach. She is very detail oriented, thoughtful, compassionate and gets things done! I highly recommend her services.
– Todd Lurie, Partner, Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company LLP

I worked with Barbara on an EQ Assessment. Of all of the professional and personal testing I have done, I found this analysis to be more in depth and accurate than anything I have experienced to date. In working with Barbara to review the results, I was very impressed with not only her professionalism and style, but in her ability to quickly identify specific situations where I might achieve better results with simple modifications to both my interpretation and response.
– TR, Internet Marketing Strategist & Consultant