What You Can Expect of Your Coach:

  • To be present and prepared for a meaningful dialogue on the change you desire.
  • To be committed to your agenda, goals, and capacity for change.
    (All conversations and information will be considered confidential.)
  • Coaching sessions may include self-assessment of values, talents, competencies, interests, blind-spots and personal effectiveness.
  • Navigation of change and the practice of life balance; exploration of the assets of age and experience, identifying purpose and vision; and creation of a plan of action to support the client in setting and reaching goals and sustaining the momentum.
  • Be responsible to the client to listen, champion, hold accountable and challenge.
  • Coaching services will be conducted in accordance with the ethical guidelines and standards of practices of the International Coach Federation.

Expectations of the Client:

  • Client will be committed to developing greater awareness, creating a personal vision and moving towards identified goals.
  • The client is responsible for any results achieved.
  • Meet monthly for a minimum of three months. Typically, three coaching sessions will be held each month, in person, by phone or skype and supplemented by e-mails. The typical coaching session is sixty to ninety minutes.